New Hostel Video

Honestly, Buenos Aires was too much fun and distracting to motivate myself to make a video about the the meshed Italian and Spanish culture here. However, I did need to sort out a free place to stay while here so I made this video for a hostel in exchange for free housing.

About Kevin McAfee

Hi there, Im Kevin. I'm certainly a different breed. I recently graduated from university where I was focusing on international studies and broadcast journalism. Throughout college I attempted to travel as much as I could, which turned out to be quite a bit in all relativity, but it hasn't ever been enough. I've recently decided to sell everything I own and combine it with some savings to travel the world, and once everything is in place, some of those travels, among other freelance journalistic endeavors will be viewable on my blog.
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One Response to New Hostel Video

  1. Rebecca says:

    I miss Buenos Aires so much now…..damn it.

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