Expat Living in Shanghai

Perpetual market convergence between Eastern and Western worlds has created hotspots around Asia for international business and cultural meshing. Shanghai is one of many cities like this in Asia, and western expatriate environments are now very common throughout China. I arrived in Shanghai on a boat with 200 dollars to my name. 6 weeks later, I found myself living here:

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About Kevin McAfee

Hi there, Im Kevin. I'm certainly a different breed. I recently graduated from university where I was focusing on international studies and broadcast journalism. Throughout college I attempted to travel as much as I could, which turned out to be quite a bit in all relativity, but it hasn't ever been enough. I've recently decided to sell everything I own and combine it with some savings to travel the world, and once everything is in place, some of those travels, among other freelance journalistic endeavors will be viewable on my blog.
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6 Responses to Expat Living in Shanghai

  1. rebecca says:

    Devendra- NICE!

  2. Jenny says:

    Hey Kevin, this is Jenny, the girl u met at the clinic. My phone got snatched a while back and I lost pretty much all my contacts, its kinda sad :(. Then I remember u telling me about ur blog and I just thought of it lol. 13816847478 is the new number

  3. Great! thanks for the share!

  4. Mike Braun says:

    Howdy Kevin! Great website. I’m a good friend of the Ahlstrom family and live in San Antonio. My boys and the Ahlstrom boys grew up together. There dad and I are good friends. I’m a pilot for American Airlines and ran into some great people in Buenos Aries your age that are teaching in English in South America. They are expats from Austin. If you don’t mind I’d like to send them a link to your web site. They are REALLY good people and I’m sure you’d like them.

    Mike Braun

  5. Mich says:

    Hi did you write that song yourself? Its pretty cool. anyways, I’m thinking of moving to china for a while just to learn the language. My family is in Zu Hai but I prefer a lil bit of a city life so I’m looking at either Shanghai or Beijing. I speak English and Thai as for now, so I don’t reli know if there’s a lot of things out there for me, work wise. It’d be nice to hear from someone like you who is currently living there. cheers :)

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